Change where you write.

Are you a writer? I wanted to share something with you all that might help you write more.

Change your environment.

I know; sounds simple, right? Think about it this way; do you always sit at the same desk, at the same computer, every time you write?

Do you have an old laptop that you haven’t touched in months? Dust it off (for the love of Pete do security updates too) and take it somewhere in your house you never have.

Have you ever written from the floor of the laundry room? Have you ever written from the bottom of the stairs? Can you sit on a lawn chair, in a garage, while it’s raining?

How’s your office? How long has it been since you’ve moved your desk? Could you push it against that other wall? Cold you (gulp) put it in the middle of the room?

All these things could give you, literally, a fresh perspective. Even if they sound uncomfortable… try it. If you’re already stuck, you can’t get more stuck.

I bought a new desktop computer recently. I had used the Apple trade-in program and traded in my Mac laptop. The iMac was more powerful and had a bigger monitor–so I thought it would be great.

It is great–for music editing and for video editing. However, when I sit down to write… well, I just find I don’t sit down at it to write as often.

Then my husband and I figured it out. I used to always write on my laptop–and all over the house. I’d be at the kitchen table… on the couch… on the bed… upstairs… anywhere–and suddenly I was confined to four square feet of space, behind a desk.

I went back to using a laptop just this past week. I have been writing and writing and writing and writing. It has been great! This was the missing link–writing wherever I wanted.

Right this second I happen to be writing from inside one of the coolest Starbucks I’ve ever been to. It’s got real brick walls, beautiful artwork, peaked wood beam ceilings, and faux wood floors.

I hope this post helps get your wheels turning. Maybe you’ll even enjoy some sunshine and warmth in the wonderful outdoors. 😊


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Susan is an artist who grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Texas. She writes songs, short stories, and books. You can follow @susanpitman143 on Twitter.

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