Goat of the Day.

To you, this might just look like a picture of my husband and two goats.

To us, this picture is “the goat of the day.”

My Bud and I first met at work. We had been working for the same company for about two years but had never met because he had been sent to remote work sites so often.

Then I finally got sent on a remote trip. It was during the summer about nine years ago. I replaced a man in Virginia so that he could come home and spend a few weeks with his family.

While I was gone from home, someone had to backfill my position.

The first Monday back at work was strange. There was this new guy there. We had our normal Monday morning meeting, talking about what was going to happen for the week. This new guy was laying out all the plans, talking about different people, doing my job. I thought to myself, who is this guy? Why does he want my job?

As it turned out, it was Bud.

We talked over the next few months–a lot. After I got back, he got sent out on the road again. We had become friends, and we had started talking on the phone outside of work hours. This was back during a time that if you had a cell phone on the same carrier, like AT&T, as someone else, you could talk for as many minutes as you wanted. (If the two people were on different carriers, then you each had to “pay” minutes… but those days are long gone now.)

We would talk for hours. We had never even been on a date yet. I sat and did the math one time; I don’t remember, but the minutes that we talked was in the thousands. None of if it was boring. We had so much in common, and spoke the same work language, and had so many things to tell each other.

Then My Bud was back in town, and we finally went on our first date. We met each other at a shopping center about fifteen minutes from where I live. There we had dinner, and then we went to a movie. The movie we saw was a George Clooney flick that was out at the time.

It was called “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”

This movie didn’t make it to be that popular, but to us it was absolutely hilarious. When I had been in the military, and had gone through chemical warfare training, they had shown us this 1960s video of a goat and a pigeon being exposed to hazardous gases. Years later I actually found the video on YouTube:

I literally left that movie with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. That’s only ever happened maybe one or two other times.

From that point on, the strangest thing started happening. Every day, somewhere, we would see a goat. We would walk into a restaurant, and there would be a picture of a goat on the wall. We would hear someone talk about a goat on the radio. One day, I swear to you, I opened a newspaper, and there was a goat.

We started to call it “The Goat of the Day.”

Our friends started getting in on it, too. They now will share with us photos and videos they see on Facebook, saying, “Look, Bud and Suzy! It’s The Goat of the Day!” So, I’d like to say, this is officially a real thing. (Also, even though I’m not very good at keeping it updated, I own the @goatoftheday Twitter account.)

Bud and I were married on May 6, 2011. (5+6=11… and yes, that was on purpose.) Our wedding was at a bed-and-breakfast working farm. The wedding itself was outside, and the reception was in the “party barn.” During the reception Bud took my hand. “Come here. I have something to show you.”

A week before he had gone to the local coffee shop in our town. They had a mountain goat head mounted up on their wall that we saw all the time. My Bud asked them if he could buy the goat. The owner apparently said no; it had sentimental value to the family, I think.

“Well can I borrow it for my wedding?”

To this they obliged. Bud put the goat head in the party barn, on top of a bunch of bales of hay. When I saw it, I shrieked and said, “It’s the goat from the coffee shop!” I was so happy and excited.

How many wives do you know would be excited about having a goat head at their wedding?

“Acts of service” is my love language, as I discussed in a post a few weeks ago. Bud did something so awesome for me that day by going out of his way to bring something temporarily into our lives. It didn’t cost him a thing (well, besides paying for the adhesive to re-apply the horn that somehow came un-attached that the wedding).

In this picture, taken almost exactly two years ago, we were at an ice cream parlor. Yes, I said an ice cream parlor. We were visiting Bud’s brother up in New Hampshire. He and his family brought us to the ice cream parlor. After we had purchased our treats, he said, “Hey, let’s go around back. There’s something that I want to show you.”

The owners have goats out on the back of their property.

So now, if you ever see a “Goat of the Day,” and it makes you think of me, I’d love it if you shared it on my Facebook page. It will show me that you’re thinking of us. I appreciate you! 🙂

Do you and your husband have a weird “thing” that is precious in your marriage? Please feel free to share a story with us!



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Author: Susan Pitman

Susan is an artist who grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Texas. She writes songs, short stories, and books. You can follow @kitykity on Twitter.

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