Knocking At My Door.

This is a true story.

This past Friday I was sitting at my desk, working on this blog, when I heard a sound at the front door.

My first instinct for some reason was this: “The UPS guy dropped off a package, and some kids are messing with it.” That was completely irrational. I have never had this happen before.

I went up to the front door, and there was my gray-and-white fluffy cat, aptly named “Fluffy.” She was staring at the door. Then she looked at me. Then she stared at the door.

I reached over and opened the front door about two or three inches. No one was there. I looked for a package, and I didn’t see one; but something else was there.

It was a baby blue jay.

It sat, right on the metal strip in front of the door, looking up at me. It didn’t move, and it didn’t fly away. My brain heard him say, “Can I come in?” My mouth said, “Aww, look!”

Then I gently shut the door on him.

Both the cat, and now the dog, were right beside me, wondering what was going on. I walked swiftly to the living room couch, because no one is going to believe me, I thought. I went back to the door, opened it gently again; and as I had feared, he was now gone.

He hadn’t gone too far, though. He was just to the right in my front flower bed, where we have scraggly rows of rose bushes that I’ve been trying to grow for years. He had hopped over by the lilac tree. Overhead, his mother was pissed off and screaming at him. He hopped this way, and then that way, and then took off in the limited amount of flight he had, which was horizontal, like a chicken flying. He landed over by the fence, which is where I took this picture.

I showed a friend this picture, and she said it looked like he was carrying a message. That little white paper is actually the label that Home Depot staples to boards; we apparently never pulled that one off.

I shuffled around, and I took about six pictures of him, and I’m sure I scared him to death. He must have thought he was about to get eaten. His mother had gotten quiet at this point. Finally I did back a few steps away from him, though, and turned to walk into the house. I haven’t seen him since.

Bud said he probably got eaten by something else and didn’t make it through the night. Well, at least he got to be an Internet Celebrity first.


He came back!

This time I was ready. I heard the noise at the front door. I saw the crazily curious cat (this time, it was Fuzzy, not Fluffy). I picked up my phone, pressed record, and opened the door. Here we are…



This whole story has now been turned into a song!. 😀


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Author: Susan Pitman

Susan is an artist who grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Texas. She writes songs, short stories, and books. You can follow @kitykity on Twitter.

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