Not-So-Stranger at a Concert.

It doesn’t look like much. It’s just a guy, a girl, and another girl…

Maybe the guy is married to one of them; maybe he isn’t. Maybe one’s his sister; maybe the girls are sisters. What else is going on in the room? It’s hard to see, because it’s pretty dark.

You could walk into a stranger’s house, pick up a random photo in a frame, think it doesn’t look like much, and step away from an awesome story that you never knew existed. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words… well, it’s really true.

Welcome to my first Throwback Thursday post. For this I found this picture from two years ago. I took one look at it, and I instantly knew who was in it, where it was, when it was, and why it was special. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

From about 2006-2012 I worked for Raytheon. I met Bud on the left there, and a couple years later we got married. Yep, that’s me in the middle. The girl on the right is named Kelly. I met her at Raytheon too–but on a different team, in a different building, during a different year than I met Bud.

Kelly was an admin in the section where I worked. I didn’t talk to her every day, but I did say hi and chat with her when I could. Have you ever just made a connection with someone… “hit it off,” I guess they say… and never really know much about them? That was Kelly. How do you become friends with a girl you don’t really know? I didn’t know. It was weird. It wasn’t like I’d say, “Hey, let’s go get a drink sometime.” Why not, you ask? I don’t know. I just thought that was weird. So there I was, and there she was. Two coworkers, who were cool together, but just didn’t hang out together.

2012 came and went. I started working for another company. I still lived in the same place, but my job moved about ten miles in a different direction. I didn’t see Kelly for literally years–and for the most part I forgot about her. It was a lost connection of sorts.

Now it was 2015. Bud and I went to a concert, on a date night, to The House of Blues, which is somewhere we hadn’t been together. He got us these great seats in this VIP area. We were mulling around, I’m pretty sure it was after the show, when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around, and there she was, smiling her big smile, so happy to see me. I hadn’t found her; she had found me. I said “Hey!” ..well… it was more like “HEYY!!!” and gave her a big hug. We talked for just a few short minutes. Her friend took this picture (actually it may have been a relative of hers, I forget). Then we exchanged phone numbers, and we all left.

Now it’s 2017. It’s two short years later. Kelly and I have become fast friends. Want to know the kicker of this whole thing? She lives just two miles down the street from me. This whole time… all these years (I know, not DECADES, but hey), she was just around the corner. It was like, we were just unintentionally unconsciously waiting for the time we needed to start hanging out together. We went on a girls’ cruise with a couple other girls. We’ve been to another concert, this time intentionally together. We hang out at each other’s houses. I’m so glad we’re friends, and I’m so glad she tapped my shoulder that night two years ago.

What if… what if she hadn’t though? Look at what I would have missed. Look at all the fun, the tears, the kid stuff, the husband stuff, the weddings, the concerts, all the fun things we would have missed out on together. If you have a person in your life, and you’ve been “weirded out” as I once was about saying something to them, today is the day to say screw it. You only live once–YOLO (my kids would kill me if they heard me say that). Do something. Say something. Plan something, then invite them along.

Tap on their shoulder. You’ll be glad you did. I was.


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Author: Susan Pitman

Susan is an artist who grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Texas. She writes songs, short stories, and books. You can follow @kitykity on Twitter.

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Omg! I love this!! (Guess who is finally figuring out how to leave a comment!!👍🏼 Yup, this guy!). It’s so cool how the stars aligned for us to hang out! I wouldn’t have changed a thing… well maybe hanging out sooner. Lol

Susan Pitman
Susan Pitman

Thanks so much for hanging out on the site and leaving a comment! 🙂