Take A Long Walk Off A…

You’re going to think this post is no big deal. I know all these things, you’ll say.

You may think you do; but you’re probably not doing them.

Park as far away as you can.

Why, as a culture, do we find it so important to park in the first available parking spot? We will wait… and wait… and WAIT for the family of four to load their two weeks’ worth of groceries in the car, and all get seat-belted in, and finally pull out of the parking place… just so we can victoriously park in their spot.

Just ten spots farther away from the store there was a spot open, sadly waiting for someone to park in it.

Not only will parking a little farther away give you the gift of another hundred steps of exercise, but it also reduces stress as well. Now you won’t be angry when that jerk in the beamer swings into the place you’ve already been waiting for for three minutes, because the mom in the minivan swung towards you instead of away from you when she left.

Park at the far end. Don’t stress. Walk a little more.

Put your laundry in the wrong room.

My husband thinks I’m a little weird when I do this; but I am getting a few extra steps of exercise. (The laundry room is really too small to fold in there, if you’re wondering.) Instead of putting the basket of clean clothes next to the closet, put them in another room. Then get a shirt out of the basket, walk through another room to the closet, get a hanger and hang it, go back to the other room, get a pair of pants, dig around in the pockets for money (because duh, finders keepers), walk through another room to the closet, get a hanger and hang them, go back to the other room… before you know it, there’s a couple hundred more extra steps for the day.

You’ll get bonus points for doing this up a flight of stairs. (You’ll probably be cursing my name as well.)

Put your laundry far away from where it goes. Walk a little more.

Ask someone to go for a walk.

I know that dogs are people too; but you can ask a human to go for a walk (just don’t pat your knees or get a doodoo bag). You’ll be surprised how many times they’ll say yes. Is it too hot outside? Go right before dark. (Don’t forget the bug spray.)

Ask your kids. Think a teenager won’t go with you? You’re wrong. I started asking my son to go for a walk with me at night (we do bring the doggie), and he has said yes. When it’s just him and me, we talk about whatever we want to. We people watch. Also he has learned he likes to… let’s just say, “play” with frogs. Draw your own conclusions.

Go for a walk. Bring a human. Talk about life. Walk a little more.

Sure, these things are about exercise; but if you read into them, they’re about de-stressing and building relationships too. Wellness isn’t only about getting the blood pumping.

Go walk a little more.


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