The Dog with Nine Lives.

This story was written and sent to me by my father, John Rogers. I look forward to posting more of his stories in the future! Read on…

They say cats have 9 lives.

Phoebie is the cutest little 7 pound black & white dog with fluffy fur. She has a little green ball, and takes it everywhere with her.

Phoebie, a short while ago, used up her #2 life. #1 went by a while ago, so she now has 7 lives left!

A short while ago we went over to one of her favorite spots, Battendorf Beach on the Pacific Ocean in Oregon.

Phoebie and her little green ball were playing in the surf and digging in the sand–having a great time, as we were walking along the beach.

About a mile down the beach is a rock jetty at the inlet to the Coos River. When we got up close to this jetty, Phoebie discovered that the incoming tide would float her little green ball inland along side the rocks on the jetty with each wave, then as that wave receded, her ball would float back out to sea. There were two large rocks, about knee high, in the sand beside the jetty. These rocks were side by side, touching at the top, but with a 10″ opening at the bottom.

As the tide came in further, the incoming waves would float her ball toward shore–sometimes through this opening between the rocks, and then as the wave receded, her ball would float back out–sometimes through this opening between the rocks, and sometimes around the rocks.

Phoebie was having “a ball playing with her little green ball”.

Then, after her ball had floated back out to sea, a giant wave crested and just as she grabbed her ball, washed over her head and floated both Phoebie and her ball–now in her mouth, back towards land, but these two rocks were in her way, and she gently crashed into the rocks and promptly disappeared under water. A moment later she surfaced again–on the land side of the two rocks–with her little green ball still in her mouth.

She had passed underwater through opening between the two rocks!


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Author: John Rogers

John spent most of his adult life working in the railroad industry. He is now retired and enjoys road trips, watching trains, and writing.

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