How To Have a Visual Conversation.

Have you ever seen people’s cool images next to their comments and wonder… how do they do that? I’m going to show you!

Once you learn this little trick, your picture will show up any anyone’s blog that has this feature enabled! How cool is that?

Hint: If you need to, you can click on any of the images below to make them bigger so you can see them more clearly.

First you need to understand how to leave a comment in the first place. 🙂 Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and find the “Leave a Reply” section. It looks like this.

When you click where it says “Join the discussion,” some more fields will show up. This is where you put your name and email address, so that the author knows who’s commenting.

Once you’re done filling in the fields, click the “Post Comment” button. That will send the comment to the web page, and the author will get to read your wonderful thoughts!

Look at that sad, boring little gray circle with the faceless person in it. How bland! Let’s spice it up!

We’re going to begin by going to the Gravatar website at

Click on the blue button on the right that says “Create Your Own Gravatar.”

A new little page will pop up, asking you to share your email address, what you want for a username, and a password.

Whatever email address you add here, when you add comments from now on and use this email, sites that also use Gravatar will show the user icon you pick!

Next the site asks you to go to your email, and click on the one you sent it.

This step makes sure you aren’t trying to set up an account for an email address you don’t own.

Now that you’re confirmed you’re not a creeper, you can go back to and log in with the blue link in the top-right corner.

Since you’re a noob, when you first log into the account there won’t be anything there. So let’s set you up a cool little icon! Click where it says “Add a new image.”

Pick an image file that isn’t too huge. Make sure it’s something that will work well when trimmed into a square shape.

Click on the “Upload new” button. (If you’re super-techy, you can click on the “from URL” button.)

Since you’re a new user, you won’t have anything in “Past uploads” yet.

Click on “Choose file” to surf to the image you want as your icon. Select it and click “Next.”

Wow… look at that awesome mug! (You can use a picture of Gonzo if you want. Gravatar doesn’t care.)

Here you can zoom in on your pretty face, leaving out of the image parts you don’t want to be seen. (Ahem.)

Click on “Crop image” to continue.

Yaay! Look at that! There you are!

Now there’s only one thing left to do…

Visit a post in this site, this post right here, or any other, and leave a comment!

Then experiment! Visit other blogs you love, and see if your new gravatar works at other sites as well!

If you’ve enjoyed this post, and you have friends that you think would get a kick out of this, please use the share links below to tell them all about it!

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