Windows 10 Calendar Tricks.

Do you have a PC running Windows 10? Did you know that you can add your Google, Hotmail/Outlook, or even your Mac/iCloud calendar to it? You don’t have to update your calendar in two places!

Down towards the bottom of the calendar you’ll see blue text that says “Show Agenda.” When we’re finished you’ll be able to click on that and see your next few upcoming parties… or gigs… or cats’ birthdays! 😀

If you’d like to make any of these images a little bigger so you can read them, just click on them, and they’ll open up full size for you. (Don’t worry–I’m pretty blind too.)

First start in the bottom left corner of your screen; click on the Windows button. Search through the C’s until you find “Calendar.”

Bonus–if you click on the white circle, or “Cortana” next to the Windows button, you can just type in the word “calendar” to get to the same place!

When the calendar opens up on your screen, it will probably be just about blank. That’s okay! We’re going to fix that. Click on “Add Calendars” in the bottom left corner.

On the gray menu that pops up on the right hand side, you’ll want to click on “Manage Accounts” at the top.

Next we’ll click on “Add Account” there on the right.

In the list that pops up you will probably see the type of account that you use for your calendar–Google, iCloud, etc. If you don’t, you can use the “Advanced Setup” at the bottom.

If you need more help with that step, leave a comment below! Either I or another geek-type friendly person will be happy to help!

Woo hoo! Your account was added.

But now what?

Click on “Done” to go back to the main window.

Down on the bottom left you’ll see the names of the calendars you added with your new account. You can un-check them if you don’t want them to show on your Windows 10 calendar.

You can also click on them and change what their color is–so you have a really pretty rainbowy calendar! 😀

Teach a man to fish.


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